Monday, February 28, 2011

More on Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's—Is it true?

See my post of March 12, 2009, entitled, "CAN COCONUT OIL HELP ALZHEIMER'S?" it true? I've been following it and, so far, can find little or no mention of real research being done by any of the main authorities in aging, dementia, Alzheimer's, medical care, medical research, etc. If any of my readers know of such research, please let me know.

I've long believed that if something is too good to be true then, generally, it is likely to be untrue. Nevertheless, this is an intriguing pathway that just cries out for legitimate research. The October 5, 2010 article, "Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease," published on-line by the Alliance for Natural Health ( is noteworthy. However, everything I can find is based on the one anecdote concerning Dr. Mary Newport and her husband Steve's apparent improvement from the use of coconut oil.

This may—or may not—be something to give hope to Alzheimer sufferer's and their caregivers. How cruel if it gets up their hopes only to be one more false pathway. But how horrible, too, if it turns out to be a meaningful way to ease their suffering but few know about it. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

And, again, please let me know of new developments about coconut oil and Alzheimer's Disease.

Bob Tell
Author, "Dementia-Diary, A Caregiver's Journal"