Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beyond Dementia Caregiving

With this post I introduce a necessary change in the purpose and goals for the Caregiver Chronicles blog. We began this project to focus on Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias and have been gratified to see the participation and comments of many people dealing with these diseases either as patients or their caregivers.  

We also wanted to introduce you to my book about caregiver burnout: "Dementia Diary, A Caregivers Journal." This has been very successful and continues to provide support to dementia caregivers worldwide. It may still be purchased by clicking on any of the links on the right.

The change we are reporting today is both timely and appropriate. It is one that many of our friends have asked for. Until now, discussions have focused on caregiver burnout, treatment developments, research for prevention or cures, and similar topics. We've been told that these have offered valuable hope and knowledge to readers.  Articles on these topics, of course, will continue to be welcome.

However, we are expanding our mission. Readers will have already noticed articles about aging and the elderly, Medicare and so-called entitlements, funeral pre-need planning, long term care insurance, and other topics only loosely related to our original purpose. These have been well received.

So, from now on, all topics of caring and caregiving, issues concerning physical and emotional health, medical care, and spiritual well-being, or anything of deep concern to you as a caregiver or care receiver, will be highlighted in these posts.

Let's hear from you.