Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why RN's Become Nurse Practitioners

Solidify a Job in the Medical Field with a Nurse Practitioner Degree

If you are a registered nurse, but want to treat the patients and diagnose illnesses, you will want to take the next step and become a nurse practitioner. Becoming a nurse practitioner allows you to become closer to people and really help them feel better in all facets of their life. It gives you the benefits of being similar to a doctor, without the extra educational costs.

Rising Health Needs

More people need the care of a medical professional due to the growing number of obesity and cancer cases. The need for nurse practitioners is growing, which makes it a real solid field to go into. Physicians are becoming overwhelmed with the increased number of patients, so nurse practitioners are used to visit with the patients first. With the assistance of practitioners, the wait times for patients are reduced, which makes everyone happy.

Affordable Care

The cost to become a doctor is great, so the cost is deflected to their patients. Many people are having trouble paying for medical care because of this, and have selected walk-in clinics and other clinics that are run by nurses. In fact, there are over 250 clinics throughout the country, which offer affordable care and vaccinations. Nurse practitioners fill the need for more affordable care.

In addition to providing cheaper care for the patient, they make less than physicians do. It is because of this fact that clinics can remain open. By switching over to fewer physicians and more nurse practitioners, clinics lower their overhead costs. When clinics can stay open, people can get the help they need.

Become an Advocate

Nurse practitioners have the great ability to get to know their patients well. You can treat a person from childhood to senior years. You are the go between them and the physician, which makes you their advocate. You have the time to listen to their stories and help them get the help they need. Over 60-percent of people, receive their preventative care from a nurse practitioner rather than meeting with the physician directly.

Depending on where you work, your employer may help with the cost of a nurse practitioner degree. The work you can do will continue to grow as specialization is possible.

Robert Tell, Author

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diabetes & Food Allergies--Two Interesting Programs!

As part of our mission, we will continue to bring health related information to the readers of this blog.

Here are two health related sites we recently encountered:

1) Help show your support for diabetes awareness and claim your wristband:

Click:    Diabetes Awareness!

2) A magazine for living with food allergies:

Click:    Living Without

Full disclosure: We discovered these messages as we surfed the web and haven't had a chance yet to try them ourselves. So we can't recommend them based on personal experience. If you do check them out, please use your best analytic judgement in deciding whether or not to take advantage of these offers.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Caregivers Need Respite Care!

Every day, people who take care of their aging loved one’s face many challenges and difficulties. Being a caregiver is a demanding job, and no one person is strong enough or prepared enough to handle it alone. Because your health is important to you and for your loved one’s well-being, you should get good help when you need it. The essence of good respite care, like the care you can get at companies such as Synergy Home Care, is to give you the break you need to restore your energy, enhance your sense of balance and relieve stress. 

Because it can be challenging to take care of a senior loved one, you can choose from many respite care options available to give you the assistance you might need. This helps to restore your energy and allows you to be a responsible caregiver for your senior loved one. The principles of respite care are all the same, which is to ease the burden of caregiving with someone else and have some time for you. 

Respite care starts with the realization of your needs and your loved ones needs. Knowing your needs for frequency, type, skills and location of the respite care is important so that you get the proper respite. Consider what you need the most. Is it regular time off? Is it the need for help with transportation? Make a list of your daily activities, and write down the times and places you need assistance most. 

Your loved one’s needs, preferences and abilities are important as well. Does your loved one need assistance with walking, eating or taking medications? Is it socializing that your loved one needs most? Does he or she need physical or mental exercise? When you know the needs, you can find the right option for respite care. 

Adult respite day care centers are intended for elderly adults who can’t live independently or are isolated and lonely. The environment is cheerful, safe and supportive. Adult day centers have several planned activities to promote your loved one’s well-being. In most cases, there is a schedule for nutritious meals, and they do accommodate special diets. 

If you have a loved one who you take care of around the clock, respite care might be the perfect solution for you.