Saturday, March 19, 2016

Something New? "Great Books—Thriller Books—Mystery Stories"

Guess what? I've started another blog. To see it, please click on the following link: Author's Blog.

This new blog is just one part of my beautiful new website which features all 8 of my books, and my poetry.  Click on the main page: Great Books—Thriller Books—Mystery Stories. I think you'll enjoy surfing around on it. The visuals are stunning.

I've also published much more detail there about "Dementia Diary, A Caregiver's Journal." To view these pages, click on one of the following links: 1. The Book, and/or 2. The Letter.

By the way, I will continue to support this, my original blog, "The Caregiver Chronicles," for as long as there continues to be such a high level of interest in it. It has become very popular.

Thank you all for making it so.

Best wishes,
Robert Tell