Sunday, May 29, 2016

What About The Latest News in Alzheimer's Research?

Is Tau really a more likely cause of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's than Amyloid Beta? Possibly, according to a May 20th article in the CAA Forum, and I quote:

"Scientists using a new PET imaging agent found that measures of tau protein in the brain more closely track cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s disease compared with long-studied measures of amyloid beta. Scanning multiple individuals the researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine showed that the intensity of tau deposits correlated with the severity of cognitive dysfunction."
The Forum is sponsored by the International CAA Association (CAA standing for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy), an organization of medical researchers concerned with cognitive malfunction. For the complete article, please click on this title: "Tau is better marker of progression to Alzheimer’s disease than amyloid beta."
One baby step after another, Alzheimer's Disease gives up its secrets and brings us closer to the elusive cure.
Robert Tell, Author