Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book Review

Another wonderful book that I highly recommend is Carol Bradley Bursack’s “Minding Our Elders."

Back when I was the frazzled son of an aging mother with dementia (during the long months prior to her death), I found validation and comfort in Bursack’s exceptional book. Eldercare is often a lonely business and one that places a profound mental and physical burden on the caregiver. Healing begins with the discovery that one is not alone. “Minding Our Elders” provides ample evidence that eldercaregivers have plenty of company these days.

Bursack uses a professional journalist’s interview technique to compile the trials and challenges of over twenty-five caregivers who have poured out their hearts to her.

There is a relaxed intimacy to her writing style that immediately engages the reader. It feels as though each of her subjects has become your own personal friend who is quietly sharing with you the private pain associated with care of their loved one.

Bursack introduces each person with a description of surroundings, clothing, gestures and expression that reveals a sharp eye for detail—the kind of detail that imbues the people and their stories with humanity. Her faithful and insightful reporting of these stories, told in each caregiver’s own words, has created a sensitive and well written book that is must reading for anyone facing the decline of a parent. More information can be found at: http://www.mindingourelders.com

If you do read “Minding Our Elders,” let me know if you agree with my review.


Donahue Vanderhider said...

Thanks for finding and visiting my blog. That you found humor to cope with your stress is admirable. I hope you keep writing. People need hear your message.

Bob Tell said...

Hi Donahue: Your post is very meaningful feedback for me. I'm always concerned that some folks will be offended by my linking humor to a serious subject like dementia. But so far no-one has complained and most people seem to agree about the healing benefits of laughter. Best wishes. Bob