Thursday, July 9, 2009

Will you forgive a bit of shameless commerce?

As you know, my book "Dementia Diary, A Caregivers Journal" is available on Amazon and Kindle. Many caregivers have purchased it and have written to me about it's help in easing their difficult and heart wrenching burdens. This is very satisfying to me and, of course, my mother would be thrilled (if she were alive and cognitively sound) to know that her own suffering has eased the suffering of others.

Now, a new website sponsored by Scribd (, has made a version of Dementia Diary available for LESS THAN ONE THIRD OF THE PAPERBACK PRICE. I believe that Scribd has the potential to revolutionize the book publishing industry—to do for publishing what iTunes has done for music—and I am excited to have Dementia Diary featured by Scribd.

Many more caregivers can now have access to Dementia Diary. If you are one of these new readers, please let me know how it has helped you with your own caregiving situation. Here's the website:

You can click the link to the right under "Bob Tell's Websites."

Best wishes,
Bob Tell

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