Saturday, February 20, 2010

Read An E-Book Week March 7-13 2010

Why am I promoting Read An E-Book Week on a blog devoted to caregiving? Read an E-Book Week educates and informs the public about the pleasures and advantages of reading electronically. I've been receiving a lot of questions from my readers lately about how the trend toward ebook publishing is affecting my own published work. I thought you might be interested in my take on this trend.

Like most of us, I love the feel and smell of printed books. Until recently, I thought ebooks would never be able to replace the real thing. But a revolution is taking place in the book publishing industry. Bookstore sales are plummeting and ebook sales are surging. Many new and improved devices are entering the market to enable ebook reading, such as: Amazon Kindle; Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch; Sony Reader; Palm; and H-P Slate, to name just a few.

As an author, I've been trying to understand why this is happening now. Whatever the reasons, one thing is clear. I need to be part of this revolution. My two books, "Thirsty Planet" and "Dementia Diary," were just published as ebooks by Smashwords, one of the top ebook publishers for work by independent authors.

If, like me, you're curious about all the ebook hoopla, I invite you to check out the Smashwords site. Many ebooks, including mine, can be sampled there for free in multiple ebook formats, readable on virtually any ebook reading device.

Here's the link to my Smashwords author profile:
Here's the link to my book page, where Thirsty Planet can be sampled or purchased:
Here's the link to my book page, where Dementia Diary can be sampled or purchased:


I would also like to recommend some of the other excellent authors featured at—feel free to check them out and to tell other book lovers about Smashwords.

If you've already read my books in the print editions, let me again say thank you. I really appreciate your support and your wonderful comments about my work. The print editions of my books will, of course, continue to be available at my personal website for those who prefer that format.

Bob Tell


karen said...

Thanks .

Shelling said...

I support e-book week as well. I never thought I would say that, but Kindle opened my eyes. I enjoy the advice you give on your blog. Thank you.

Bob Tell said...

Hi Shelling--I appreciate your comment. I tried to post a comment on your blog but, fo some reason, was not able to do so. Keep up the good work and check out Dementia Diary on Smashwords. I think you'll find that I went through much of what you are also experiencing. Best wishes. Bob Tell

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