Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why RN's Become Nurse Practitioners

Solidify a Job in the Medical Field with a Nurse Practitioner Degree

If you are a registered nurse, but want to treat the patients and diagnose illnesses, you will want to take the next step and become a nurse practitioner. Becoming a nurse practitioner allows you to become closer to people and really help them feel better in all facets of their life. It gives you the benefits of being similar to a doctor, without the extra educational costs.

Rising Health Needs

More people need the care of a medical professional due to the growing number of obesity and cancer cases. The need for nurse practitioners is growing, which makes it a real solid field to go into. Physicians are becoming overwhelmed with the increased number of patients, so nurse practitioners are used to visit with the patients first. With the assistance of practitioners, the wait times for patients are reduced, which makes everyone happy.

Affordable Care

The cost to become a doctor is great, so the cost is deflected to their patients. Many people are having trouble paying for medical care because of this, and have selected walk-in clinics and other clinics that are run by nurses. In fact, there are over 250 clinics throughout the country, which offer affordable care and vaccinations. Nurse practitioners fill the need for more affordable care.

In addition to providing cheaper care for the patient, they make less than physicians do. It is because of this fact that clinics can remain open. By switching over to fewer physicians and more nurse practitioners, clinics lower their overhead costs. When clinics can stay open, people can get the help they need.

Become an Advocate

Nurse practitioners have the great ability to get to know their patients well. You can treat a person from childhood to senior years. You are the go between them and the physician, which makes you their advocate. You have the time to listen to their stories and help them get the help they need. Over 60-percent of people, receive their preventative care from a nurse practitioner rather than meeting with the physician directly.

Depending on where you work, your employer may help with the cost of a nurse practitioner degree. The work you can do will continue to grow as specialization is possible.

Robert Tell, Author


Dolores Brown said...

I didn't realize that there was such a rise in health care needs. I guess with the aging baby boomers that healthcare must be tougher to deal with. It's probably a good business to go into, because people really need good caregivers.

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