Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diabetes & Food Allergies--Two Interesting Programs!

As part of our mission, we will continue to bring health related information to the readers of this blog.

Here are two health related sites we recently encountered:

1) Help show your support for diabetes awareness and claim your wristband:

Click:    Diabetes Awareness!

2) A magazine for living with food allergies:

Click:    Living Without

Full disclosure: We discovered these messages as we surfed the web and haven't had a chance yet to try them ourselves. So we can't recommend them based on personal experience. If you do check them out, please use your best analytic judgement in deciding whether or not to take advantage of these offers.


Jim Tracy said...

I didn't consider this when i was looking to be a caregiver. That brings up an interesting point though! I do see why that may happen. It totally makes sense.

Jim Tracy |

Pitar said...

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James Brown said...

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